Saturday, March 20, 2010

Noxious chemical alert – global environmental threat!

It may not be widely realized, but this chemical substance is in heavy use and can be measured in very significant concentrations in our rivers and lakes.

It is also present in all sorts of commercial products including pesticides, is found inside most nuclear reactors, and is used in many other situations which would give any right-minded environmentalist reason to worry.

Please, please, please watch this video and become aware of the global threat to our rivers, oceans and atmosphere.

Show your understanding and support by commenting below. Even Albert Einstein (pictured below?) might sign a petition to ban it. Would you?

Do you see what I mean? Don’t be fooled, stand back and consider it carefully.

As a one-time chemistry teacher -- and putting aside any false modesty due to the serious nature of the environmental threat -– trust me, I’m an expert having considerable knowledge about this pervasive substance.


  1. Albert was a smart man he seen many things I totally agree with you. The world is slowly poisoning itself with chemical abuse. The companies now just pay to dump. what a rort

  2. I ask you to STAND RIGHT BACK and think carefully about all of this! And forget Albert, what would have been Marilyn's viewpoint, I wonder. Would that smart lady have regarded it (dihydrogen monoxide) as a rampantly noxious menace, or would she have been led astray by all the pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo?

  3. Thanks for a good laugh. I will probably not cut down on my intake of Dihydrogen Monoxide mostly because I am fearless!